the era

SF premiere night for KIDS. Circa 1995


Sunniva Wyller’s art encapsulates “The Era” as she paints scenes from the movie KIDS.

“Blunted”, the main graphic of the series is comprised of four skateboarders. Three skaters from SF (Lavar McBride, Gerry Smith and Nick Lockman), and a fourth (Javier Nunez) from NY. Throughout the series we feature painted images of some who have passed on, hoping to maintain their legacies and keep them close in our memories. We will always remember them fondly.

The rawness of Sunniva’s work brought up nostalgic memories
of doing graffiti and when skaters from San Francisco began forming friendships with skaters from New York. They’d come here for the winters and we’d go there in the summers. These unions led to many different outcomes. However, one thing that stays with us all,is our love for skateboarding and the one’s we’ve lost along the way.